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Your innovative sawmill in the heart of Ardennes forests !

SCIDUS - Sawing innovation



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Wood essence

  • Hardwood: beech, oak and industrial ash
  • Softwood: spruce

Manufacturing the wood

  • Drying
  • Heat-treatment
  • Finger joining
  • Planing limber
  • Machining
  • Machining (Hundegger SC2 and K2)

Scidus products

  • Boule and square edged lumber
  • Packaging and wedging wood
  • Beams, sleepers, posts for outdoor use
  • Heat-treated hardwood


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New : heat-treated hardwood



  • The heat treatment consists of a wood pyrolysis at high temperature in a controlled atmosphere (similar to roasting process).
  • Under the action of heat, the wood will change at the molecular level.



  • A healthy wood, without any chemical products
  • Eco-friendly alternative to exotic wood
  • Better dimensional stability
  • Numerous indoor and outdoor uses : cladding, decking, wooden flooring, window framing, furniture, wood fencing, etc...




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Bois Local Label

Walloon know-how

Products are transformed on the Walloon territory.

Local resources

The wood comes from the forests nearby our sawmill.

Local distribution networks

This label promotes local economy, limits the number of intermediaries and reduces transport.


Producers commit to complying with requirements linked to the label and to be subjected to inspections.




« PEFC est un système de certification mondial qui garantit la gestion durable des forêts. »

1 arbre coupé = 1 arbre planté

« PEFC est devenu le plus grand système de certification au monde. »

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